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  • Ceramic
  • Malachite
  • Amazonite

    Amazonite can come in several shades, usually always in the blue/green scales.

    It is part of the protective stones, it protects you from harmful waves emitted by electrical appliances. It rebalances the magnetic bodies, promotes relaxation and helps fight stress.

    Amazonite is a stone of femininity (Yin) which is very suitable for pregnant women.

    • Colors: from blue to green

    • Chakras: throat or heart

    • Purification: demineralized water
  • Sunstone

    The sunstone owes its name to its tint and shiny crystals that remind us of the sunlight.

    These crystals are generally hematite or goethite flakes.

    Stone of friendship and communication, it helps in keeping a good mood, energy and optimism.

    • Color: Orange, brown, red with scintillating flakes (hematite)
    • Chakras: solar plexus, root
    • Purification: spring water
    • Recharging: sun

    NB: this stone might tend to alleviate asthma attacks.

  • Calcite

    Calcite is a very good shield against negative energies. It is also a purifying and stimulating stone.

    On the spiritual level, it is linked to extra-sensory perceptions, it facilitates the development of psychic, spiritual gifts and helps in astral travel. Place a calcite in a room to block negative waves.

    Depending on its color, you benefit from additional properties. Yellow calcite is excellent for meditation and for becoming aware of one’s own strength of spirit

    • Color: Practically all colors
    • Chakra: Solar Plexus and Crown
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Moon
  • Fluorite

    This stone with soft and citrus colors is useful for well-being, it only brings positivity. Peace, harmony and creativity are what fluorite brings you in many areas.

    On the spiritual plane, fluorite weaves the link between heaven and earth, promotes premonitory dreams, telepathy and stabilizes the aura (the magnetic, etheric and astral bodies)

    • Color: from yellow, through blue, pink to multicolor
    • Chakra: throat and solar plexus
    • Purification: spring water
    • Recharging: Moon
  • Cornelian

    It is a powerful energy stone, it stabilizes, motivates and stimulates. It is excellent for regaining dynamism and vitality.

    On the psychological level, Cornelian combats negative or morbid thoughts, encourages one to go forward and brings success in all areas. It promotes contacts and relationships by promoting personal expression and communication.

    On a mental level, it clarifies ideas by dismissing negative and dark thoughts.

    On an emotional level, it protects against external aggressions, wards off revolt, anger and repels emotional negativity. It makes you realize that life can be beautiful and that love is stronger and above all else.

    • Color: Red to dark red.
    • Chakra: root.
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Sun
  • Jasper

    Symbol of rebirth, this is a stone of action and initiative, ideal for those who are accomplishing a project.

    It gently energizes the root chakra, warms the body, comforts one in difficult situations. It helps during periods of stress and brings serenity and calm.

    Red jasper, a natural stone, anchors the energy and softly stimulates everything. It helps to highlight problems before they become too important and insurmountable. Red jasper has the property of purifying and strengthening the aura.

    The natural red jasper stone tempers emotions and restores self-confidence.

    • Color: Red, spotted or banded
    • Chakra: Root
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Sun
  • Howlite

    Natural Howlite stone is white (very often artificially colored blue or green).

    A soft and soothing stone, it promotes wisdom, intuition and introspection.

    Wearing it on yourself allows you to better control your anger.

    • Color: White Chakra: Sacral or crown
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: sun
  • Aventurine

    Aventurine is the stone of the environment, it is positive and brings prosperity and protection. Aventurine absorbs significantly electromagnetic waves from the computer, mobile phone, or stereo.

    It defuses and neutralizes bad telluric waves coming from rivers, underground rivers, streams and high voltage lines. Aventurine encourages one to move forward, to make decisions, to better deal with ambiguous situations.

    It stabilizes the mind, allows one to have clear ideas, to make projects and to increase one’s creativity. On the physical plane, Aventurine stimulates, allows to better control the emotional body and brings some well being.

    • Chakra: heart.
    • Purification: Salty distilled water.
    • Recharging: On clusters of quartz, exposed to the sun, by magnetism.
  • Sodalite

    Sodalite is very similar to Lapis Lazuli, in color and in terms of its properties.

    It stimulates intellectual and spiritual reflection, develops tolerance and curiosity.

    It is a stone very suitable to medical research.

    • Color: Different bluish tints
    • Chakra: 3rd eye and heart
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Moon
  • Pyrite

    Protective stone par excellence, it forms a shield against all waves and harmful thoughts, like Tourmaline.

    It is also a stone of introspection that helps in the knowledge of one’s inner self.

    • Color: yellow-copper to yellow-gray
    • Chakra: Throat
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Sun
  • Unakite

    Unakite is a stone of calm and friendship that teaches us to become more tolerant.

    It is an unusual mineral also called Epidote.

    • Color: green to dew color
    • Chakra: heart and third eye (meditation)
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Moon
  • Shungite

    Shungite is a mineral of organic origin, resulting from a very old planktonic sedimentation.

    It absorbs the waves emitted by all our modern devices and can lower the rate of radioactivity. It is a powerful shield used by therapists to "regenerate" oneself.

    Shungite should be present in all locations where life is present.

    • Color: Mat black and velvety
    • Chakra: Base
    • Purification: None
    • Recharging: None
  • Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli is a stone that restores self-confidence and encourages people to take control of their lives.

    It facilitates the expression of one’s feelings and emotions.

    It is a communication stone that dissolves blockages in personal and oral expression. It helps you let go of stress quickly and brings deep peace.

    • Color: Azure Blue, to green or purple blue
    • Chakra: Superiors
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Moon
  • Agate
  • Crystal

    Crystal, whatever its different names is a mixture of glass and lead.

    Swaroski crystal is the name of a brand for crystal products. The exact recipe between the choice of dimensions of quartz, sand and minerals remains secret. In dowsing, the crystal pendulums of Swarovski are used for their great responsiveness. Containing a certain percentage of lead, they are directly related to terrestrial energies which gives them a very good receptivity on Hartman and Curie networks

  • Moonstone

    It is an essentially feminine stone. It stimulates intuition, sensitivity and tolerance. It produces harmony, balance and eliminates anxieties. It promotes open-mindedness and dims the fear of others.

    It is ideal for children because it gives them self-confidence.

    • Color: Colorless yellow, bluish reflections
    • Chakra: Sacral, Throat
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Moon
  • Tiger's eye

    Tiger's eye protects against any spells that might have been cast on you. It drives out negative waves from one’s home.

    Do not hesitate to put some pieces around your house. Its radiance enlightens us on our blockages and helps us dissolve them.

    It is a stone of goodness, do evil and it will return it to you. Tiger’s Eye fills us with warmth and safety. Perfect for concentration and to recharge your energy.

    • Color: From brown to brown red
    • Chakra: Frontal or 3rd eye
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Sun
  • Tourmaline

    It calms the nerves and reinforces one’s power of concentration. Black tourmaline, or schorl, is the one that you have to get first. Considered as fundamental and indispensable in any work of therapy and meditation, it allows one to keep being properly anchored.

    It is also the stone of protection par excellence. This stone cancels out the radiating harmful waves emitted by the computer, television or mobile phones. Do not hesitate to put them on these devices to be protected. It is very effective to neutralize the geopathic points: fault lines, Hartmann knot, network and crossing of underground rivers, cosmo-telluric chimney etc…

    • Color: More than a hundred
    • Chakra: All
    • Purification: Spring water (not necessarily)
    • Recharging: Sun
  • Labradorite

    Labradorite is a must-have protection stone. It plays both the role of shield and sponge.

    Because it protects against the evils of others as it absorbs negative energies and dissolves them. In the course of its use, Labradorite can change colors (fade, become more transparent) or crack. It means that it has given all its properties to its user, and that it is time to return it to the ground.

    It is a stone that is well positioned in a transit zone, either at home or at the office.

    • Color: Metallic oscillating between blue, green and yellow
    • Purification: Spring water (frequently)
    • Recharging: Moon
  • Onyx

    Onyx gives us strength and robustness. It grants us protection and stability against harassment and negative influences.

    It balances the mind and the body. It keeps melancholy at bay and develops one’s resistance. It helps in the accomplishment of karma. It is an anchor stone.

    Black Onyx helps purify inherited karmic energies and thus enhances work on previous lives.

    Blue Onyx is the symbol of accomplishment and opens up the crown chakra. It allows one to become aware of the rise of energies and the moments of illumination.

    • Colors: Red, yellow, blue, black, green ...
    • Chakra: Root, crown
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Moon
  • Hematite

    Hematite has a gray metallic appearance but is, in fact, a red stone, hence its name.

    It is an anchor stone.

    It brings, calm, relaxation and peace. It "cleans" our vision.

    This stone is widely used in jewelry, and is often associated with magnets for enhanced healing virtues.

    • Color: Black to silver gray, reddish brown
    • Chakra: Root Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Sun
  • Obsidian

    Obsidian is a glassy volcanic rock, gray, dark green, red or black.
    It is the stone of balance.
    Obsidian dissolves our emotional blocks and strengthens us, we root, we stabilized our moral convictions.
    Very protective, it acts as a shield against negative energies and harmful influences.
    It creates around its wearer a rampart.
    It sharpens our inner vision.

    It connects the soul to the mind and makes us come back to earth when pushed meditations.
    There are varieties of obsidian:
    The speckled obsidian, white spotted black.
    The gold or silver obsidian.
    Obsidian "heavenly eye", iridescent purplish areas, blue, gray and green concentric, the most powerful for meditation.
    Apache tear, often translucent when viewed in bright light.
    Obsidian mahogany, mahogany speckled with black, has a softer energy than others. It alleviates allergies and inflammations.
    The brown obsidian is less protective but stabilizing.

    • Chakra: Basic Chakra
    • Purification: The running water is sufficient, it does very little load
    • Recharging: Moonlight (not necessary)
  • Quartz

    PINK QUARTZ is the basic stone of crystal therapy, the stone of tenderness, forgiveness, and gentleness to lay on the throat and navel chakras, to transform the image and consciousness of ourselves towards more happiness. Rose quartz consoles, softens grief, restores joy, contentment, love.

    Placed in the living room, this stone inspires affection, stimulates creativity and reduces harshness. In an office, it activates inspiration. Pink quartz is excellent for people who do creative work. It helps heal the most painful emotional wounds, the deepest heart woes. It eliminates depression, insomnia, compensates for deficiencies and emotional traumas suffered during childhood. In the environment, it radiates the soft sweetness of love and tender imagination, directed towards oneself as well as towards a loved one.

    It is an excellent stone for any environment especially in offices, workshops, bedrooms, children's rooms. It is the stone of appeasement and love. It chases out stress and is the Friendship Stone.

    • Color: Very pale pink to stronger pink
    • Chakra: Heart
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Moon (avoid the full moon which could tarnish it)

    BLUE QUARTZ is advisable in case of problems with self-expression. It dissolves inner fears and unravels the region of the throat and chest. It promotes creativity.

    • Color: Blue, generally from inlays
    • Chakra: Throat
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Sun

    RUTILE QUARTZ (or Venus's Hair). It has the reputation of helping to make efforts more resistant, as well as giving more strength and cheerfulness. It is also said to have a positive action on bronchi, asthma and epilepsy.

    • Color: Dark gray to steely glitter
    • Chakra: All
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Sun

    SMOKY QUARTZ is known to be a very powerful stone. It is supposedly effective against stress. It would enhance self-confidence, help to overcome difficult times,reduce fear and bring great emotional calm.

    It is also said to facilitate concentration and make one more lucid and responsible.

    • Color: All shades of brown
    • Chakra: All
    • Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Sun
  • Amethyst

    The Amethyst stone is a quartz of violet tint. It is considered a fine stone It promotes spiritual elevation, concentration, meditation, intuition, creativity and visualization. Amethyst helps to detach from material trivialities.

    It is the stone of fulfilment and is especially suitable for hyperactive and stressed persons.

    • Color: All shades of violet to purple
    • Chakra: 7th chakra Purification: Spring water.
    • Recharging: Moon (no sun for the amethyst which could discolor it)
  • rock crystal

    Receiver, transmitter, transformer and energy amplifier. Ideal for clairvoyance, imagination. In meditation, rock crystal allows us to reach certain states much quicker.

    Rock crystal has the property of amplifying, storing, focusing, transforming and transmitting any energy that is introduced inside it. Effective to remove energy blockages in the body in order to restore its vibratory rate and to realign the etheric body.

    Put next to another stone it increases its properties. It dissipates static electricity and acts on the vibratory plane of a person to accompany him in his work.

    It can be placed in any room of the house or office and it can be used in all of its forms, raw, polished or otherwise.

    • Color: Colorless, transparent or milky
    • Chakra: All Purification: Spring water
    • Recharging: Sun and Moon
  • Jade

    Jade is a common stone, very often counterfeited (the colors are very rare and very expensive).

    It is the stone of nobility and perfection, symbolizing the main virtues of: charity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom. Its properties are numerous and differ a little depending on its color.

    All the stones embody the Yang, the opening of one’s heart towards higher spiritual elevation.

    • Color: black, lavender red green ... they are numerous but usually pastel.
    • Chakra: sacral, third eye and solar plexus, depending on its use
    • Purification: spring water
    • Recharging: Moon
  • Orgone
  • Lepidolite

    Lepidolite is a calming stone. It is also an excellent shield against electromagnetic waves.

    It is a stone that helps find inner stability. It wards off negative thoughts and frees us from anything superfluous.

    • Color: Pink to purple pink
    • Chakra: Heart, throat and frontal
    • Purification: distilled water
    • Recharging: moon or sun
  • Sélénite
  • Citrine
  • Opaline
  • Epidote
  • Bloodstone
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