All accepted secure payment


Paypal allows you to pay with various cards: COFINOGA, COFIDIS, AMERICAN EXPRESS, AURORE and of course BANKING CARD if you do not have a Paypal account This method of payment does not necessarily require opening a Paypal account.


The payment module Pay Plug secures your purchases and allows you to pay by credit card type VISA, MASTERCARD and CB, European and international.


Hipay offers a multitude of payment methods, all secured:

* MASTERCARD is one of the largest credit card networks in the world

* VISA international network of accepted credit cards in more than 200 countries

* MAESTRO debit card particularly popular in Europe. It triggers an application for authorization for each use, regardless of the amount of the transaction, but especially to have some ceilings a little strict.

* SOFORT leading bank transfer solution in Germany. It benefits from agreements with all German banks and is certified by the TÜV (German regulatory and supervisory body)

* IDEAL payment solution number 1 in the Netherlands. In a few clicks e-shoppers can make a secure payment by bank transfer from the interface of their online bank.

* POSTFINANCE offers payment by card or bank transfer directly from its interface. Any PostFinance cardholder or PostFinance E-Finance account holder can use it

* BANCONTACT makes it easy for consumers to pay with their debit card information. The solution is secured by a code system generated by the carrier's bank to enter before confirming payment

* ING HOME PAY payment button offering to pay by bank transfer. Designed by ING Bank, it allows Belgian consumers to pay for their purchases online from the secure interface of their bank

* GIROPAY Giropay is a payment method widely used in Germany. It allows online consumers to pay for their purchases through a real-time bank transfer from the familiar environment of their online bank. The only obligation for e-shoppers is to have an account at a Giropay affiliated bank

* BELFIUS Belfius Direct Net is a payment button offering to pay by bank transfer. This solution allows consumers to pay for their purchases online directly from the secure interface of their bank.

* SISAL PAY cash payment solution available in Italy. Its operation is relatively simple. Customers receive a purchase reference when ordering, and then pay the amount of the transaction in cash at one of the partner outlets.

Payments are secured and are made with Paypal or credit card by The informations of the credit cards are coded under the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and never passes in transit in clear on the network.